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I'm Gita, short from Ghassani Gita Nirwanawati. A cat lovers. A '95 liners. I live in Malang, East Java with my parents, brother, and my cats. I started blogging in 2010, in early years of blogging, I only post my immature and childish rant, so I re-started this blog at 2014. I started blogging because my parents said it's good to me to write my whole thoughts in a journal, so I choose a blog as a place for me to write my whole thoughts.

In this blog, there are several topics that I talk about. The topics are Beauty (product review), Life, Night Thoughts, and Kpop Corner. Sometimes I post something random, but I tried to make my random post informative. But the main topic I mostly share is about Beauty because I really interested in skincare, and sometimes makeup 😀

So for those who curious about my skin type, my skin type is combination and acne-prone, I have several problem with my skin, those problems are Acne Scars, PIE (Post-inflammatory Erythema), dehydrated, and also sensitized.

All things that I write in this blog is my pure thoughts, I tried to share a positive vibes from my blog, because sharing is caring. And feel free to leave comments at my blog post, I'd love to know your thoughts too!


Achievement :

Juara 1 Blog Competition “Mulai langkah baru bersama Jagoan Hosting”

With Love,
Ghassani Gita Nirwanawati

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